Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The Muses Of Fashion Say The Future Is Online

Picture by Allen Park

Aleali May has more than 51,000 followers on Instagram. The statuesque, mocha caramel-toned model, image consultant and novice blogger is no stranger to the fashion world.

“I have been working in fashion since I was 19 years old.  I started working for Louis Vuitton in sales and progressed to RSVP Gallery in Chicago,” says the 22-year-old.

May also styled Kendrick Lamar for Kanye West’s Yeezus Tour back in 2013.

Nonetheless, the California based jack-of-all-trades admits that her self-titled fashion blog, which she only set up six months ago, did help to widen her contact list. “I have received many opportunities from my blog as people can now see a layout of who I am and what I’ve done,” she says.

In an age where YouTube can help to discover the next Whitney Houston or Leonardo Dicaprio, knitwear designer and Fashion and Textiles lecturer at Brighton University Juliana Sissons considers that putting yourself out there is the way to go.

Having a page on the internet is something that she would recommend to her students.

“Today, if you want to be spotted, it’s a good thing to have an online presence, so that people can see what you’re up to,” she says.

The advantages of blogging

What people want to see from fashion personalities is their wardrobe and how they play with it. Having a cute personality is a good thing, too. Divas never make it far, except if they’re Mariah Carey.

This is why a blog is an amazing tool, as it allow you to display your style in all its glory. It’s almost like an interactive and ever evolving portfolio. This is one of the features of blogging that May particularly appreciates.

“I started blogging because I wanted to showcase my style, people I know, and things I do.  I felt it was an extension of my Tumblr page or Instagram, in which I am always posting outfits on,” she explains. “My blog helps because it plays as a resume and portfolio.  It shows a foundation of a person.”

Blogging is so common place nowadays that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out, though. Type “fashion blog” on Google and you’ll have a gazillion interesting pages, and not necessarily from people who even work in fashion.

“Of course, if everybody does it, it kind of dilutes it a bit,” says Sissons.

Blogging isn’t actually a compulsory step to be accepted in the fashion world. However, it can be a good way to give yourself some press and even if you don’t become the next Zoella, it can help get you on the right track.

Muller did a list of the 7 fashion blogs that caught its attention since the beginning of the year. Enjoy!

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